Writing Services

Technical Writing

--writing to inform, instruct, explain and/or document. The writing is clear, concise and easily understood by a designated audience. Technical writing often uses industry technical terms, illustrations, and layout to convey information and instructions.

Examples:  User guides, personnel manuals, financial reports, safety manuals.


--writing to persuade, convince, sell, enlist or engage. The writing is sometimes referred to as a “high-dollar word game” because it is most often designed to increase sales, engagement, or participation of a targeted audience. Copywriting often uses lay-person terms and jargon to engage prospects.

Examples: Direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, brochures, flyers, ads

Business Writing

--writing to communicate with other employees, affiliates, or clients. The style is informational to keep others involved and up-to-date in the business’ progress. Business writing uses correct English and structure associated with professional organizations.

Examples: Inter-office memos, consumer relations letters, notes of meetings, updates to shippers, etc.


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