Training Services

Course offerings:

Technical Writing

2-day course on-site

Learn that elements of space, color, illustration, and appropriate verbiage conveys information accurately, simply and clearly to provide more safety, satisfaction, and understanding of your business’ goals.


 2-day course on-site

Learn to conduct audience analysis, examine features vs. benefits of product/service, research competitors, and write in the language your audience speaks to enhance your business’ bottom line.

Corporate Consciousness for a Smarter Employee

2-day course on-site

Allowing an employee to examine where they fit into the organization requires self-examination and an understanding of the fundamentals of a business structure. By educating employees not only of their personal strengths, but also of their possible contribution to the business can provide greater strength and passion, allowing productivity to climb.

Business Writing

Course length varies

Communicating coherently and professionally with other employees and clients allows consistent and coordinated tracking of business activities. This course covers the basics of internal communication (interoffice memos, meeting minutes, etc.) and external communication with clients (particularly regarding customer relations).

Your Life is a Business

2-day course on site

Showing employees how their lives resemble those of any business structure allows them to re-examine their own financial situation as well as benefiting the business’ bottom line.


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